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Cloisters Bolton

Cloisters Bolton

Situated in the heart of Bolton, Greater Manchester, Cloisters Bolton presents a contemporary haven for weddings. Boasting three elegant suites, this venue offers the perfect canvas for your cherished day. The dedicated team, skilled and passionate, stand ready to transform your dreams into reality.

Cloisters Bolton enchants couples with its architectural grace and refined decor. The Cloisters Suite, a converted church, emanates timeless beauty with its stained-glass adornments. Sunlit by arched windows, the rooms exude a warm radiance, complementing the stone walls and vaulted ceilings. The Ashton Suite, for those seeking modern luxury, radiates sophistication, while the Churchill Hardie suits intimate gatherings. All spaces can be tailored to your theme, hosting ceremonies, receptions, and more. With options for external catering, live performances, and ample dancing space, your celebration will unfurl seamlessly, aided by overnight guest accommodations and generous parking.

Explore a range of wedding packages at Cloisters Bolton, where a personal coordinator ensures flawless planning and execution. Elevate the festivities with a vibrant master of ceremonies. The staff's commitment to an unhurried experience lets you bask in the joy of the moment alongside loved ones. At Cloisters Bolton, your wedding finds an exceptional backdrop, combining modern comfort with timeless beauty.

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1 Higher Bridge St, Bolton BL1 2EW, United Kingdom