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East Afton Farmhouse

East Afton Farmhouse

Set amidst the rolling countryside of the enchanting Isle of Wight, East Afton Farmhouse presents an exquisite wedding locale. Enveloped by the graceful sweeps of the landscape, this venue offers an idyllic setting for your celebration. Holding official recognition for civil ceremonies, this exclusive site provides an intimate and unparalleled backdrop that mirrors the comforts of home - an ideal sanctuary to accommodate your entire day of festivities. Tailored to varying preferences, the wedding packages span diverse options, encompassing inclusive arrangements that grant abundant time to immerse in the tranquil and inviting milieu, forging precious moments with cherished companions.

With a collection of prestigious awards in its name, the venue stands as an exclusive retreat solely dedicated to your momentous occasion, assuring an air of intimacy and exclusivity. From intimate gatherings to lavish galas, East Afton Farmhouse effortlessly adapts to your vision. The commitment lies in delivering an effortless and unintrusive planning journey, equipping you with the indispensable elements to curate a wedding celebration that resides vividly in memory. East Afton Farmhouse transcends its status as a mere venue; it embodies an experience interweaving conviviality, natural splendor, and sincere revelry, destined to be enshrined in the chronicles of reminiscence for years to come.

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Newport Rd, Yarmouth, Freshwater PO40 9UF, United Kingdom